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Providing the perfect solution to cover all your edging requirements – edgebanders are an absolute essential for any workshop wanting to produce top quality products.


Perfect solution to cover all your edging needs

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There’s no better way to dissuade a potential customer from buying your furniture than
leaving poor, unfinished edges on display. By using the right edgebander specification, and materials, an edgebander will ensure that your product looks professional, refined and above all else, valuable.

Below are the types of edging material typically used:

Touch screen and mechanical components of machines


Compact Model Optim P

Introducing the Cehisa Compact Edgebander Model Optim. Cehisa’s Optim series is the new generation of high-performance edgebanders that offer effective machining at competitive, cost-effective prices.

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What Brands Do We Sell?


Types of Glues

The most common type of edge banding is carried out via hot melt glue. But with two
predominant types of hot melt glue – EVA and PUR, each have different strengths and


PUR Adhesive

PUR (Polyurethane) – If you’re looking for high heat and water-resistant bonding, PUR is your perfect solution. Given its strength and flexibility, PUR is excellent when working with materials that are difficult to bind and will ensure some robust edge

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

EVA Adhesive

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) – The most common and easily applicable type of glue, EVA is a cheaper, yet effective, flexible and strong glue that works especially well with PVC, ABS, Acrylic and Melamine edge banding. The main drawbacks with EVA is that It offers standard, but not strong resistance against water and heat.

Front shot of the Cehisa Model EP-C Edgebander for Shaped and Bevelled Panels edgebander.

Advanced woodworkers

Cehisa FLEXY Series

Every edge banding machine from Edgebander.co.uk is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. Our stock of edgebanders are
designed to process a vast range of materials with flexibility and precision in mind.

For the more advanced and specialised woodworkers, our Cehisa range includes these models, Optim, Flexy, Compact, Dynamic, Pro Industry Line and Avant. Providing for all sorts of specifications and uses, the range encompasses a variety of specifications which each have a special feature. These range from pre-milling units corner rounding, to buffers and scrapers and much more.

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