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At Edgebander.co.uk, we stock a large range of new edgebanders for sale from leading European manufacturers. We can provide first-class advice to make sure you find the best piece of machinery for you.

Front Cehisa Model Flexy Edgebander with Radius Scraping & Buffers edgebander.

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CEHISA Edgebanders

Thanks to constant innovation and top of the line technology, there’s a wide variety of both lower-end and high-end machines to choose from in the Cehisa range.

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SCM Edgebanders

SCM edgebanders are complete automatic edgebanders with the option of glueing edges in strips of 5mm solid wood, making them top of the range solutions for all of your woodworking needs.

Front shot of the New SCM Minimax Model ME35TR Edgebander Pre-Milling Corner Rounding edgebander.