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No matter what stage you’re at when it comes to woodworking, have a wide-ranging variety of edge banding machines that can provide for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert craftsmen. So whether you’re just starting off and looking for a cheap, yet effective edgebander, or whether you’re a professional woodworker with years of experience under your belt – our range of edge banding machines is vast enough to provide for all.

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We stock a range of industry-leading machines from world-class manufacturers – including SCM Group and Cehisa. Each machine we offer (even the lower-end ones) is made with expertly engineered, advanced components that don’t just make for highly effective machining, but for long-lasting, sustainable durability. Automatic edge banding machines are the ideal solution for craftsmen and industries that require ease of use, high productivity and perfect edge banding in one powerful package.

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All our edgebander models are made with expert, high-quality, robust components.

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Providing both guidance and aftercare, we’ll advise you every step of the way.

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Proudly supplying machinery from acclaimed manufacturers Cehisa and SCM.

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Catering to craftsmen of all abilities, our edge banding machines range from beginner-level to advanced.

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With safe and speedy delivery, we’ll get your machine delivered to you no matter where you are in the UK.

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Despite their varying technology, all of our edge banding machines offer quality at an affordable price.

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Edge banding is one of the most important aspects of modern woodworking, combining the evolution of board edging and adhesives to form a powerful tool that can be used in many different areas of woodworking. Edge banding machines are key to taking your just-finished product to the next level by transforming any rough surfaces or brisk edges into smooth and aesthetic exteriors. In doing so, edgebanders make a product safer and easier to handle as well as appearing more valuable and market-friendly.

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Whether you have a simple query or require advice in figuring out which model is right for you, offer quick and professional advice from experienced woodworkers familiar with all types of edge banding machines. We’ll take into account all factors, from the type of materials you’ll be working on, to the price and affordability of a model. We’ll ensure that you end up with an edgebander that meets and exceeds every one of your needs.